On Why Millennial Moms Rock!

It is safe to say that millennials are often characterized as individuals who would rather stare at the screen of their smartphone than the person sitting across from them at the dinner table.

The term “millennial” is used to talk about the people born between 1980 and 2000s. Not only have we taken over the workforce, surpassing Generation Xers for the first time. According to an analysis of new US Census Bureau data, we are now also taking over as parents. The estimate is that roughly one in five moms is a millennial mom, and we now account for almost 90 percent of the 1.5 million new mothers within last year.

But fear not. All is not lost for future generations. In fact, most millennial moms claim they don’t want to raise their children the same way they were brought up. I too, second this motion. We feel like we want to be more involved than the baby boomers were, for whom  “parenting” wasn’t even a verb yet. However, we still want to hover a little less that those helicopter moms of Gen X (remember those days?).

Just like I believe in a sundry portfolio of social media accounts, I also try to employ aspects of many different child-raising philosophies (positive psychology, mindfulness, etc). We seemed to have found a good balance between the baby-wearing, organic-puree-making moms on the one hand, and free-range parents who don’t believe in boundaries on the other.

And that’s not even all. Millennial moms are becoming more well-known in the landscape of modern parenting, and definitely more powerful as well, since companies around the globe have already begun to market directly to them.

This is why I’d thought it would be nice to share some intriguing facts about the rise of the millennial mom. Especially dedicated to those parents in their late 20s and early 30s. You rock!

Fact nº1: We are seriously smart

More millennials have a university degree than any other generation of young adults, according to a study carried out last. All in all, good news, considering that women have pretty much outpaced men in earning bachelor’s degrees, it’s a given that today’s mommies are well-educated.

Fact nº2: We have been shaped by technology

Our generation as a whole has been defined by the fact that it came of age with the Internet (maybe not since we were babies, but definitely during our high school years). So it shouldn’t come as a shock that millennial moms are highly connected. Let me give you some figures published in a recent report. We use an average of 3.4 different accounts- namely Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, these are followed by LinkedIn and YouTube- and we spend an average of 17 hours a week with those networks. That would be four more hours each week than the average mom.

Fact nº3: We have followers  (Legit followers!!)

Yes you read that right. Many actually complain that millennials love to hear themselves speak, but for the most part, we actually have something meaningful to say. Roughly 90 percent of us share information about things we’ve bought and services we’ve used. Everything ranging from grocery store brands to health insurance plans and financial investments. And we don’t only have followers, we also have listeners. It’s a fact, us millennial mommies are quite popular, we are voicing our opinion and people are listening. That’s a lot of influence, don’t ya think?

Fact nº4: We don’t want to “be mom” all the time

“Me time” is quite the hot commodity for our generation of moms. In fact, 20 percent of millennial moms say they’d pay 15o euros a month to have someone help manage their busy lives and tackle the to-do list items that they’d rather not do. Not that this is my style of dealing with things, but I love it that many of us millennials are not afraid to say “I just want to be alone” without feeling guilty. It’s a great step forward. Call us entitled narcissists. We don’t care! 🙂

Fact nº5: We are surprisingly traditional

One could assume this new group of moms would be all about “wanting it and having it all” when it comes to that intangible work-life balance, and would have an equal share of responsibilities with their partners. However, millennial parents maintain a surprisingly traditional division of labor. There could be many reasons as to why this is. Perhaps following a wave of career-minded women who quit high-powered jobs to return to domestic life or simply because it’s still too difficult for women to return to work following a pregnancy. It remains a fact of life that this group of moms spends half as much time in paid work but twice what fathers do on childcare and household maintenance. However, a recent study by Young Invincibles showed that the inequity is shrinking compared to previous generations.

Fact nº6: We have it harder than our mom

Even though we belong to the most educated generation in history, our earning power has be rather stifled. This is mainly due to …bad timing. Many millennials entered the job market just as the economy plunged. For those working moms who started their careers during the recession, they earn up to nice percent less per year than those who didn’t. According to a recent report by Goldman Sachs, this inevitably means we have to do more with less time in our hands.

Fact nº7: We do things differently than our moms

So because we are always short on time, we’ve pretty much adopted different etiquette guidelines than those used in generations past. A recent BabyCenter study notes this group of women are twice as likely to communicate with their own parents via text and also twice as likely to send birthday party invitations online. However, they are 21 percent less likely to send a handwritten thank-you note in the postal mail. (I know I wouldn’t) 😉

Fact nº8: We find creative ways to captivate

Although millennial moms might have grown up entitled (yes that includes me), they prefer to engage with their communities in interesting ways, whether blogging about the highs and lows of being a millennial mom (ehuuum) or posting family-friendly recipes on popular cooking sites (guilty), or even opening an online shop to sell skin products, or even custom-made products. In fact, one in five moms, according to the same BabyCenter survey mentioned earlier, have started a blog with substantial followers, and more than half reported plans to start their own business. If that’s not progress I don’t know what is.

And there you have it. Eight different reasons why millennials are taking over the world. And it doesn’t stop here.

Let’s continue to share our wisdom, let’s continue to voice our thoughts. Because we are awesome…