On New Year’s Momsolutions

The year is almost over and it occurred to me that it is time to start thinking about my resolutions for the coming year. The “this year is going to be different” sentence will simply not cut it. I almost decided to skip this tradition altogether. This year is the perfect opportunity to make some “new” New Year’s resolutions. The general paradigm is that instead of making your life busier (than it already is) or pressuring yourself to be the perfect wife and mother (more pressure? Really?!), we should try to change our thinking patterns and simplify our lives with some easy resolutions for the coming year.

I opted for a top 5, which I’ll gladly share with you…

  1. I will create an easy daily routine that fits my lifestyle

Even though you’ve pulled it off till now you can always simplify life more. Even though you manage to get you children fed, dressed and ready for the day without necessarily having a routine, you may find the morning chaos leaves you quite unraveled and exhausted. Getting yourself and your kid(s) into an easy daily routine will not only simplify your life, but it will reduce stress, cut down arguments and more importantly it will leave you feeling better about yourself.

Let me set the stage for you with an easy example. Morning: make your bed, wipe down the bathroom (yes, I tend to do this after I’m done showering). Think about what you want to make for dinner and write it down. You can also take something out of the freezer in case it needs time to defrost. Evening: Get everyone’s clothes, shoes, etc. ready for the next day. Prepare lunches (yes! yours too!) Give the kid(s) a bath, brush teeth, and put them to bed, and make sure the kitchen is clean before bed time. Structure helps. A lot.

2. Get fit and healthy the easy way

If going to the gym is not your thing, don’t worry (it’s not mine either). Of course we would love to have more time to go to the gym or getting in a great workout at home. Well, if you want to do it differently this year let me give you an important piece of advice; start doing mini-workouts. Try to fit a mini-workout or two as often as you can. Some ideas include dancing with your kids (it’s a lot of fun, believe me), or a long walk after dinner. You could also do some mini strength training exercises with hand weights or using your own bod for resistance. Any kind of exercise helps you stay healthy, even if it’s only 15 minutes. You don’t have to make exercise a chore as such. The point is to fit some type of exercise into your daily routine and most importantly, keep it simple!

3. I will make better decisions with my money

One of the more typical resolutions: get out of debt. We are all working towards this goal. However, keep in mind that getting out of debt is a big goal and it isn’t something you can necessarily do quickly. You didn’t get into debt overnight so getting out of it may take a bit longer than you expected. This coming year, though, you can make some changes that will prevent you from diving deeper and at the same time help you start preparing for a better life in the future. This means that instead of focusing on getting out of debt the focal point should be not creating more debt.

4. I will stop over-scheduling

It happens to the best of us. Over-scheduling is often an epidemic among us super moms. In the midst of taking your kids to soccer or gymnastics, go to the parent-teacher meetings, or in my case dance classes, while juggling all the responsibilities that you have at your job, we tend to over-schedule. This is enough to piss you off and make you cranky. This is mainly because at the end of the day, you feel like nothing was accomplished. You didn’t have time to sit down all day, yet you got nothing done around the house, dinner was served out of a paper bag, and you barely had time to give your kid(s) some attention. Take this coming year to commit to spending more time with your family and say no to over-scheduling.

5. I will give myself more credit because I am an awesome mom

Let us not forget the most important resolution of all. We are our worst enemy. We are very critical of ourselves. We want to do everything, we have to have 4 hands instead of two. If it were possible we would even clone ourselves. It is time to start giving ourselves some slack. We are doing a great job! Our kids are doing great and are happy! Focus on finding what makes you happy (I mean besides the happiness of your kids of course). Finding happiness also includes you believing in yourself. Just remember this: you are doing great!


Happy 2016!
























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