Mango Spinach Spirulina Smoothie To Go

mangospinachsmoothieWhen in doubt, smoothie it out! Which is why I spent my morning making this smoothie goodness. Today, of all days, is national smoothie day at This recipe kicks the crap out of your regular smoothie recipe because of this one powerfood ingredient: spirulina. As you ardent readers already know ,this is the ingredient of the week. So without further ado…

What do we need:

  • A blender
  • 1 teaspoon spirulina
  • 1 mango
  • 100g spinach
  • 250ml yoghurt
  • 100ml coconut water (optional)

Simply add all ingredients to your blender and blend it for a minute or so until smooth (and depending on how runny you like it)

That’s all folks. For more spirulina recipes check out my epic guacamole spirulina dish…

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