The Opening Act

Welcome to a blog that aspires to help working women, especially working mothers, find a healthy balance between life and work. To achieve that I will share articles on work-life balance, tips on life coaching, healthy recipes as well as home made beauty treatment suggestions using organic ingredients from your own fridge. I also plan to share time management tips, which are imperative when trying to lead a healthy and well-balanced life.

I’ve heard many people say that achieving work-life balance is a myth.

Au contraire.

It is all in your power. You are the only person that can break those chains. Changing your lifestyle and the way you think will play an important role throughout this journey.

As a full time lecturer, coach, coordinator and a mother I had a hard time adjusting. I could not do it alone. Learning about life coaching was very therapeutic. It opened my mind to new patterns of thinking. New ways of looking at life while discovering more of myself. I would love to share these with you in this blog.

Someone once asked me: “When you’re gone would you rather have your epitaph say ‘She never missed a meeting’. Or one that said ‘She was a great mother’?

It definitely got me thinking. It occurred to me that it is also a myth to think that you have to be miserable in order to be successful. It is all about playing your cards right. Don’t work too hard, work smart. Divide your time accordingly, stimulate your mind, do fun things, eat healthy. Your body is your temple. Every little thing adds up. Ask yourself the right question: How can I learn to know myself and then put this knowledge to good use, not only in my personal but also in my professional life.

I have made it my mission to provide some guidance in the midst of changing and difficult times, both personally and professionally. I will set the stepping stones that are required for a change in thought pattern. An open mind is the key to personal growth. We can only find harmony through perceived balance once we’ve let go of thoughts and patterns that disable us.

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